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Our Companionship Services

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

Compassionate Companions

Our team offers support during the loss of a loved one, limited mobility, or family members who do not live locally. These are hurdles that can often seem challenging to overcome. Our friendly and familiar team can take you out and about, support you around the house or even just sit and have a relaxed conversation, a cup of tea, and a biscuit a couple of times a week to lift a weight from your shoulders.

Bag of Groceries

Running personal errands

Sometimes the things that you used to take for granted can be so difficult to achieve, but with our team member to support you with shopping, dropping things to the post office or picking up your pension you can relax in the knowledge that your jobs will be done when you need them to be.

Football Fans

Hobbies and Holidays

We understand that there are a lot of things we like to do that help us feel human and enjoy our lives, and we know that an injury or illness is no reason for these things to stop. Your carer or personal assistant can support with physical activities like going swimming or out for a walk. If you would like to attend social groups, classes, or a day centre, he or she can accompany you and offer support while you are there. Our team members can even support you on holiday, in the UK or abroad, to help you get the most out of the experience.


Driving and Chaperoning

Getting from A to B is not always plain and simple. That is why our carers can either drive you or accompany you on public transport to wherever you need to go, be that to an appointment, day out or social engagement.

Hot Meal

Home Help

Support with housework, meal preparation and entertaining guests can all be provided for you by our team of carers. We know that people feel most comfortable at home, so our team of carers can provide the support you need while also being a friendly face and someone to chat to.

Some of our Companionship Services include:

  • Companionship and conversation when you need support

  • Help walking the dog

  • Help buying books, magazines, and newspapers

  • Someone to take you to plays, concerts and the cinema

  • someone to accompany you for lunch, dinner, morning, or afternoon tea

  • help to arrange appointments

  • Help visiting the hairdressers

  • A friend to play cards, chess, and other favourite games

  • Help preparing and cooking meals

  • Help around the house

  • Accompanying you to the doctor and other hospital appointments

  • Helping preparing shopping lists and provide company on trips to the shops

Two Men Fishing

What Can We Help You With?

Compassionate4U Companionship Services is here to help

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