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Companionship Services

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About Us

Companionship Services for
the Young and Elderly

We offer day-to-day support either at home or getting out and about including our team providing a valuable confidant for business trips or travel. We offer companionship services tailormade to suit your every need.

In our practice we have found that care and support is not about a complex medical needs or essential personal care tasks. What is often more important is living the life that you want, doing the things you love and feeling as human as possible.

We can support with hobbies and interests, attending events and shows, concierge services and running errands or just popping around for a cup of tea and a good chat.

Our Companionship Services

Bag of Groceries
Running Personal Errands
Football Fans
Hobbies and Holidays
Driving and Chaperoning

With quality companionship services, tailored to your own wants and needs, you can live a fulfilling and independent life. We will support our clients to create a unique package of companionship support just for you.

Do you need some
support with housekeeping,
going for walks and other 
social activities?

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